Project Leader - Series

Leading in complexity and uncertainty

This Project Leader Series is focused around working and thriving in complexity. We will look into, concepts, tools and methods that helps us work in complex environements.

The series is devided into 3 different parts:

Session 3 -

29th april - Team leadership

Welcome to the last session. In this session we will focus on teaming, teams, and why the concept of psychological saftey is so hot.

For this session you will have three videos to watch that we will work with during our day together.

See you all the 27th of march!

Session 2 -

17th of january - Agile methods

The second session we will have together will be focused on Agile methods. The session will be an interactive and playful one but you need to watch the videos in forehand for the day to be as productive as possible. 

Session 1

22nd January - How to thrive in complexity

This is the first session in our series. In this part we will focus on working and leading in complexity.  We will look at and reflect around our context.  

Sum-up of last session

Thank you for an egnaging first session. As a sum-up I have cretaed a video for you that summarises my experiences and gives you some challanges to work on.


See you all the 27th of march

Looking forward to see you all again the 27th of march.